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There are certified tutors and non-certified tutors in Tajikistan. Certified tutors are those who possess official university degrees and can teach at all educational institutions in Tajikistan and abroad.

Non-certified tutors. These tutors provide Language courses at their homes or private education centers. Usually these tutors are self-learned and do not hold a university degree yet, they might have study abroad experiences.

Students also can get access to online language courses with real tutors overseas.

Name of some tutors who work in Education Centers in Khujand, Tajikistan

Azizakhon Dustmatova – Education Center “StudyThePlanet”

Mavludakhon Akhmedova – Education Center “StudyThePlanet”

Gulandom Rabieva – Education Center“StudyThePlanet”and Extracurricular Resource Center TujRupt

Shahnozakhon Raupova – Education Center “StudyThePlanet”

Anna Houghton – Intellectual Center “DONO”


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